We don’t know. Cured is not defined, and therefore cannot be proven. It cannot be disproven either. For non-infectious diseases, conventional medicine cannot distinguish between remission and cure. Because cured is not defined, all cures are classed as remissions.

There are no claims that a conventional medicine can cure or has cured a non-infectious disease. None. There is no way to prove a medical cure. Conventional medicine clearly cannot cure, and cannot even recognize a cure when it occurs.

So, If we believe a non-infectious disease can be cured by a medicine, the only choice is alternative medicine.

The best cure for most diseases is health. In conventional medicine, in bureaucratic medicine, “There is no cure for the common cold (influenza, measles, etc.).” But people cure colds with health every day. Health is slow and steady, honest and true. When we are healthier, we get fewer colds (flu, etc), and cure them faster. When we are less healthy, we get more colds (flu, etc) and take longer to cure them.

There is no mystery. The mystery comes when cured is not defined, and when we believe only medicines, or believe that only conventional medicines can cure.

Some amazing cures have been reported by alternative medicine, but they are anecdotal. Those cures even when observed by the allopathic medicine are downplayed as “spontaneous remission” without being investigated further or giving credit to the alternative therapy which did that.

The stories of such cures bring hope and a desperate person lives on hope, which is a priceless commodity in life. Alternative medicine tends to believe that under the right nurturing circumstances in many instances, the body can heal itself if given half a chance.

Adherents to alternative methods of treating disease and illnesses have the foundation of thousands of years of practice by nearly every culture and nation as their basis for belief in the ability of the body to heal itself when given what it needs to do so.

Thus, the alternative method has been coined wholistic, and more recently holistic, in that the methods employed give the body mind and spirit every advantage to do what it is designed to do. And, that is to heal.

Chemicals of conventional medicines may be designed to treat or disguise a symptom of disease whereas natural medicine is designed to grant the body the tools it needs to heal the disease.

A naturalist knows the body heals itself…so they work from that perspective and address nutritional, emotional, psychological and physical methods to provide a healing nurturing environment and then let nature takes its course. The body’s ability to heal is really astounding when you think about it! Just as alternative practitioners have done.

The body has the incredible ability to heal itself as long as the brain believes. That does not mean that Western medicine does not have its place but unfortunately it has become a business based on treating symptoms, not discovering the true root cause of the symptoms and healing the body. If you were healed there would be no money to be made treating you by doctors and pharmaceutical companies.

The effectiveness of natural therapies is a surprise only to those who believe that conventional medicine is the only treatment around, and their ability to cure disease is limited.

On the other hand, a chronic illness is not cured only by addressing the cause – it can only be cured by addressing the chronic nature of the cause.

For example, if someone’s diet is chronically deficient in nutrients, or chronically toxic, or if their social relationships are chronically toxic, resulting in chronic physical or mental stress – they might acquire a chronic case of depression.  Feeding them a healthy meal or two, free of poisonous chemicals, with a group of supportive friends, might give some relief – but it will not cure. The chronic cause cannot be addressed overnight and hope for the cure. It must be addressed chronically as the cause itself was chronic.