Why Acid Stopping Drugs to Treat Heartburn and GERD are Mostly Useless?

If you ask any average person on the street what causes heartburn, he’ll tell you “too much acid in stomach” or in simple terms he’ll say it as “acidity”,  because the mainstream [...]

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Does Lowering Blood Sugars with DRUGS Lower Inflammation?

Chronic low-grade inflammation seems to play a role in all of the major diseases — heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and certain cancers. Chronic inflammation fuels many of the devastating complications of type [...]

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Does Diabesity Cause Inflammation, or Does Inflammation Cause Diabesity?

While diabetes is diagnosed on the basis of elevated blood sugar alone, this is only the tip of the iceberg. The association between inflammation and the initial development of insulin resistance and [...]

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Why Blood Pressure Medicine May Do More Harm Than Good?

Almost half of U.S. adults are now classified as having high blood pressure based on the updated definitions. But does this mean everyone with a diagnosis of hypertension needs medications?  A new study published [...]

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Can Any Alternative Medicine Cure A Non-Infectious Disease?

We don't know. Cured is not defined, and therefore cannot be proven. It cannot be disproven either. For non-infectious diseases, conventional medicine cannot distinguish between remission and cure. Because cured is not [...]

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Should We Skip or Eat Breakfast (The Most Important Meal of The Day)?

You have probably heard that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” more times than you could ever count. This message has been ingrained into your belief system since you [...]

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