Let’s Take Back Your Health—Starting Now

Zen Diabetes Reverse Program provides the Education, Guidance, Support and Tools necessary for successful Weight Loss and Type 2 Diabetes Reversal.

The five steps in the ZEN program is: Assess, Learn, Implement, Verify & Evolve.

Suggested Blood Tests to reverse Type 2 Diabetes


We want to know you: your problems, your journey, your fears and questions. Before anything else, we do a comprehensive medical and wellness assessment of your current health to get a complete picture of where you are now.

This includes advanced blood tests to get an accurate picture of your current state of health and to create your individual plan to reverse your diabetes.

Additionally, the comprehensive assessment includes a 7-day analysis of what you are eating now, together with checking your blood sugar daily before and after meals. This establishes a baseline picture of your food sensitivities, as well as the daily rhythm of your metabolic function. This information is used to track and monitor changes affecting you, positively or negatively, and individual adjustments are made accordingly.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes requires knowledge & courage to challenge conventional thinking.


Reversing Type 2 Diabetes requires knowledge & courage to challenge the conventional thinking.

Your body is always trying to heal itself but it has barriers preventing it. Instead of being unaware of what is actually happening in your body, blindly following a diet or someone’s recommendation, which may not be right for your particular situation, wouldn’t you prefer to master the life-changing tools that will allow you and your loved ones a better quality of life?

The first step is recognizing our limiting thoughts and beliefs. It all starts with belief. For example, the belief that “there is an invisible man who lives in the sky and wants everyone to obey the following rules…” has done more harm than good. Your cells are social. They learn what they should believe about themselves. The next part is replacing them with empowering ones.

Everyone should know the answer to “why do I have high blood sugar in the first place”. Very rarely anybody is sick from a medication deficiency. They may have cellular insulin resistance, brain-adrenal axis dysfunctions causing high cortisol and a chronic gut infection, all contributing to their high blood sugar!

It may baffle you, but there is nothing actually wrong with the pancreas in Type 2 Diabetes, so while the medications will make your blood sugar numbers look nicer, they don’t address the cause why it was high in the first place. The medications only hide the blood sugar by moving it from somewhere we can see it (the blood) to somewhere we cannot (the body). The diabetes looks better, since you can only see the blood sugars.

Type 2 diabetes is essentially a disease of too much glucose in your body. Not just the blood, but the entire body.

Understanding the nuances of your condition and empowered with the knowledge we offer through our program, you are assured to make progress.

reverse diabetes implementation


There is an old saying: “Knowledge is power, but knowledge without action is USELESS”.

What if you “knew” what next weeks lottery numbers would be, but you don’t take any action – you don’t tell anyone, you don’t buy a ticket – you don’t apply your knowledge – will you win? Why some teachers are great in classroom, but not so much out in the real world?

The best plan in the world, no matter how good, is totally useless until it is put into action.

But, it’s hard to get things done alone. Goals take time, hard work, perseverance and commitment to achieve. And results often do not come as quickly as you hope. That’s why we are here to provide you emotional, educational, appraisal and accountability support to make sure you reach your goal of reversing Diabetes.

verify reverse or prevent type 2 diabetes


There is a saying: “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up somewhere else”.

Tracking your progress is really important in goal setting. If you don’t monitor your progress, you won’t know if you’re moving in the right direction (or if you’re actually ‘moving’ at all).

The monitoring includes careful dietary review, and scheduled blood tests for evaluation of the markers of improvement.

Without continual monitoring to verify and validate that you are on the correct path, you could be spending a lot of energy and time working on something that isn’t working as well as it should. We even have a unique online “vital statistics” system to keep track of your progress; a private web and mobile system where you can post a question and get a team response in less than 24 hours; and a private online group support system. We are serious about your health – and your success.

Enjoy and Evolve after reversing or preventing type 2 diabetes


As you integrate this new way of living, you will begin to enjoy the freedom of having successfully reversed your diabetes and evolve to maintain optimum health and vitality. You can enjoy a full, exciting life of activities, not bound by the challenges of living with diabetes and help others Evolve!

We are one big family, we depend on each other for our existence — we cannot exist alone.

Whether you need more answers to your questions, or you already want to participate in this Diabetes Reversal Program, please contact us at [email protected] or call +97714981427.

Einstein once said,

Don’t be fooled by how simple this Program looks

Einstein once said, “When the solution is simple, God is answering.”

That’s what we’ve done for you: We’ve made nutrition, exercise, weight loss, and health restoration as simple as possible. If you want a positive lifestyle change to last a long period of time, it needs to become a way of life.

The path is simple, but not easy.

The tough part is changing life-long habits. You should not underestimate just how much change in your day to day life will be necessary to bring this about.

This requires dedication, discipline and continued effort to be FREE from Diabetes despite difficulties, failure, or opposition.

Regardless of your lifestyle or fitness level, you CAN and WILL succeed in Reversing your Diabetes.

For some people, our program may not be suitable and we just don’t want you to waste your precious time.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Reduce and Reverse Diabetes is NOT for You IF:

  • You think “simple” means “no hard work” and you are not willing to make changes and to work hard in the process.
  • You don’t want to change the way you are eating.
  • You think, “I’m too old to do this.” Listen: you are NOT too old! We’ve seen men and women in their 70s who have reversed their diabetes, so get that out of your head!