Based on working with thousands of diabetics, we hear the same story repeatedly. It goes something like this:

Once you’re diagnosed with diabetes, your doctor may suggest that you should change your diet and begin exercise, and may be will refer you to a local diabetes educator, dietitian or nutritionist — knowing full well that you’re going to fail. Because when type 2 diabetes is detected, as a rule, there are already early signs of complications; since type 2 develops gradually, and you may not realize that you have high blood glucose for quite some time.   Ironically, your physician will never tell you that type 2 diabetes is curable. In fact, if you even mention the cure word around him, he will likely become upset and irrational. His medical school training only allows him to respond to the word treatment.

However, we all know that any treatment of diabetes starts with a healthy diet, exercise and stress management.

Therefore, you try to eat better and exercise regularly, but life is just too busy to make many changes – especially when we love certain foods that we’ve been eating for the last 10-20 years. Eventually, your doctor tells you that you have to go on a diabetic drug like metformin (Glucophage), which is the most common drug for Type 2 diabetics.

Unfortunately, many of us choose drugs as our first option, because the drugs are easy to use, and we mistakenly believe that drugs give us freedom, and continue to live on as before.

Moreover, it is generally accepted that, changing the character of nutrition and physical activity is not enough for the successful treatment of diabetes!

Therefore, you start out taking one diabetic drug, usually metformin (Glucophage) — usually 500mg or 1000mg twice a day. We believe the drugs are really working because our blood sugar level comes down once we start taking the drug.

Of course metformin really works, because metformin (Glucophage) reduces the level of glucose in the blood by inhibiting its synthesis by the liver, but alcohol also reduces the level of glucose in blood by inhibiting its synthesis by the liver, but by a different mechanism!

And, we relax, thinking everything is okay.

Nevertheless, as you were led to believe that diabetes Type II is incurable and eventually, over a period of years, your diabetes gets worse, so your doctor gives you even more pills.

Note, that nearly all medications other than metformin stimulate insulin secretion.

Once you start taking these medications, you start having other problems! Why?

Because the hormone insulin is vital in small quantities, but deadly if too much of it.

Your blood sugar probably came down, too. But then, even though you were eating less and exercising more, you gained all your weight back and then some…making your blood sugar inch up again. So your doctor upped your medication dose and urged you to “stop eating so much”…

However, you weren’t to blame! While youe can control how much you eat, you can’t significantly control how much your body wants to hold onto each of the calories ingested. Shows like “The Biggest Loser” make weight loss look unrealistically simple – just eat less and exercise more and the weight will disappear – but this work shows it’s not that simple.

Dozens of weight loss studies show that participants can experience initial success when it comes to losing weight, but over the course of years (or even just one year); many struggle to maintain that level of weight loss. The New York Times in May 2016 highlighted a small, fascinating study examining the weight loss and metabolism of 14 participants from “The Biggest Loser”, a reality TV show in which obese participants compete to see who can lose the most weight. The participants lost an impressive 50-240 pounds while on the show. Unfortunately, six years later, only one of them has maintained his weight loss naturally (one participant has maintained it after having bariatric surgery). The rest gained much, if not all, of the weight back.

Maybe, additionally it’s your doctor who probably packed those extra pounds under your belt, because mainstream diabetes treatments nearly always make you FATTER!

In addition, your doctor prescribes medication for high blood pressure and even your doctor will suggest you to take statins to lower cholesterol level.

However, the most shocking fact is that statins such as atorvastatin, simvastatin or rosuvastatin increase the risk of developing diabetes by 46%.

In the meantime, your diabetes gets worse because the drugs aren’t really doing anything to fight the diabetes — but, you’re now taking 4 or 5 or 6 different drugs! (Some people take as many as 16 different drugs!)

If you are taking more and more medications to keep your blood sugars at the same level, your diabetes is getting worse!

Despite effective control of blood glucose levels using drugs, you will begin to experience one or more of the complications of diabetes.

Typically, it’s the kidneys (leaked proteins in the urine) or eyes (retinopathy, blurred vision), or the lower limb (diabetic foot), sores or ulcers on the legs or feet, or you begin feeling pain or tingling in your feet. You may also begin to feel very tired all the time, even more digits on the scale and you lose interest in sex – not because you do not want to, but because you cannot! Men especially suffer with erectile dysfunction, but they just take another pill!

These complications lead to more drugs, and eventually kidney dialysis, surgery on the eyes, surgery on the lower limbs or feet (amputation), and more visits to the hospital, followed up by hospice or home care, and maybe you’ll be spending more time in hospital than at home.

Unfortunately, meanwhile, anti-diabetic pills stop working, and the disease only progresses. Your doctor eventually puts you on insulin. It is a fact that, eventually you will become insulin-dependent.  Of course, you will be surprised and shocked by the fact that you will have to prick insulin, but eventually you give in, because there is no alternative.

Once you start taking insulin, you begin to gain even more weight! Why? Because insulin is a fat-storage hormone that makes us fat! And, as we get fatter, we require even more insulin! So, does any of this sound familiar to you?

The diabetes looks better, since you can only see the blood sugars. Doctors can congratulate themselves on a illusion of a job well done, even as the patient gets continually sicker. Patients require ever-increasing doses of medications and yet still suffer with heart attacks, congestive heart failure, strokes, kidney failure, amputations and blindness. “Oh well” the doctor tells himself, “It’s a chronic, progressive disease”.

Imagine that you hide your kitchen garbage under the rug instead throwing it outside in the trash. You can’t see it, so you can pretend your house is clean. When there’s no more room underneath the rug, you throw the garbage into your bedroom, and bathroom, too. Anywhere where you don’t have to see it. Eventually, it begins to smell. Really, really bad. You needed to throw out the garbage, not hide it away. If we understand that too much sugar in the blood is toxic, why can’t we understand that too much sugar in the body is toxic too?

The sad thing about all of this is that it was all preventable! And, you can still stop it today! It’s not too late! However, you must want to stop it — you’re the only one who can …

It is hard to believe, but think about it: Have you ever heard of anyone really getting better once they start taking the diabetic pills? The truth may be “Diabetes cannot be cured by medicines”. More than 95 percent of the top selling medicines, do not cure any disease, they are designed to treat signs and symptoms, but not to cure.