Type 2 diabetes is a disease of insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia. When a person becomes insulin resistant, it’s not a disease of blood sugar at all, it’s a disease of insulin signaling.  So why focus on lowering blood glucose, which is only the symptom? Isn’t that useless? Yes. Yes it is. You need to lower insulin, not glucose, because the disease is about too much insulin.

Obviously, having elevated blood sugars is not healthy.  But how you lower the blood sugars is very important.  We don’t want to substitute a worse evil than the elevated blood sugar.  If you’re lowering sugar by raising insulin level or by increasing insulin sensitivity artificially (PPAR agonists), then you’re mimicking the conditions that cause diabetes in the first place.  When cells become insulin resistant, they’re not being stupid.  Cells become very smart because they let less sugar in.

The mainstream media is picking up the fact that our current drug therapies for type 2 diabetes don’t seem to be of much use to anybody.

Insulin in excess is proinflammatory, pro-infections, pro-cancer, pro-premature aging, and pro-degenerative disorders and yet insulin tests are seldom, if ever, done by most doctors.