Here are some examples:

Patient A                                                                           Patient B

Fasting glucose: 90 mg/dL                                          Fasting glucose: 82 mg/dL

Fasting insulin: 4 μIU/mL                                            Fasting insulin: 14 μIU/mL

HOMA-IR: (90 x 4) / 405 = 0.88                                  HOMA-IR: (82 x 14) / 405 = 2.83


Patient A’s fasting glucose is higher than Patient B’s, but Patient A’s insulin is much lower. By taking both glucose and insulin into account, the HOMA-IR scores show us that even with a lower fasting glucose, Patient B is at greater risk for metabolic complications down the road.

Unless people with diabetes are taking insulin, they waste their time and money when they test their blood sugar.