The answer is simple. We don’t treat symptoms we identify the root CAUSE. Once we understand type 2 diabetes, then the solution becomes pretty obvious. If we have too much sugar in the body, then get rid of it. Don’t simply use medications to hide it away so we can’t see it. Currently, if you are in a pharmacological model, you’re being treated for symptoms and/or lab values and are being given medication to cover up the symptoms which are just going to bully your body’s physiology to make your labs look normal. Diabetes can neither be prevented nor reversed by focusing on blood glucose levels. By addressing the underlying causes of Diabetes, we design unique, personalized healing plans that Conventional Medicine literally doesn’t have the tools, training, or the time for.

We treat the person who has the disease rather than the disease the person has and we look beyond the laundry list of symptoms, we take the whole person into account.

The human body is not a single being, but a vast and beautiful community of various cells and bacteria, all working in harmony towards the continued survival of the being. The key to wellness, slowing down aging, reversing diabetes and heart disease and increasing overall longevity are all dependent on the accurate and effective communication between the different parts of the body; the harmonious unification of the universe inside each of us. Through our program, we aim to improve that communication between trillions of separate cells, bring them together to function as a whole and uncover the happy and healthy person within us all.

It’s quite possible that, the right tests haven’t been run in your case. Diabetes is not a disease of blood sugar, osteoporosis is not a disease of calcium and heart disease is NOT a disease of cholesterol. So first of all we try to seek and explain the cause of your diabetes via running some specific tests.

Our Diabetes Solutions is focused on supporting and enabling your long-term success in a sustainable lifestyle.

We are your partners in wellness, committed to empower you with the knowledge and skills you need to take back control of your overall wellness with a high level of trust, mutual respect and friendship.  We literally participate in the process, that slow transition from illness to wellness. 

We are committed to your success.

We strongly believe that, life is about relationships, not accomplishments.