It is hard to believe, but think about it: Have you ever heard of anyone really getting better once they start taking the diabetic pills? The truth may be “DIABETES CANNOT BE CURED BY MEDICINES”. More than 95 percent of the top selling medicines, do not cure any disease, they are designed to treat signs and symptoms, but not to cure.

Do you have diabetes? The doctor puts you on drugs, and makes you measure your blood sugar daily. None of these things will ever cure diabetes, they are just treatments.

Doctors are not trained in nutrition; they are trained to prescribe drugs and other medicines. They are not allowed by law to even mention natural ways to cure illness or disease using anything other than prescription drugs.

Medications make blood sugars better, but not the diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes, at its very core, is a disease about too much sugar in the body, not just the blood. Yet most of our drugs, from metformin to insulin do not rid the body of that sugar. It only drives it from the blood and into the body. But if this sugar is toxic in the blood, why would it not be toxic inside the body?

We are only moving the sugar from somewhere we can see it (the blood) to somewhere we cannot (the body) and then pretending things are improved, but all the while knowing that we have not made a difference. Where lifestyle changes clearly improves health, drugs just as clearly do not.

  • It should be noted that diabetic patients die mostly not directly from diabetes, but from cardiovascular disease (60-80% of patients) and chronic renal failure (nephropathy, 10-20%).
  • Half of the people who lost their vision – because of diabetes.
  • One third of all amputations of legs are performed in patients with diabetes.
  • Diabetes mellitus is a major cause of renal failure.
  • The risk of myocardial infarction and stroke with diabetes is twice than that of people without diabetes.

We split the atom and cracked the genetic code, and at the same time, the level of the state of health of our society is low as never before. By the way, more Than 50% of Americans Now Have Diabetes or Prediabetes, including an unbelievable 83% of 65+ year olds.

What’s the matter?

It turns out that the methods of treatment of diabetes offered by modern medicine are ineffective!

Of course, modern medicine is always comforting “diabetes is not a sentence; diabetes is a way of life!” The “management” of diabetes is a huge industry. The purpose of the industry is to help people live with the disease in the most comfortable manner possible. By accepting that there is no cure, the easy route is taken.

The writer is not against diabetic drugs. He is just pointing out that they will not, by themselves, stop diabetes killing you. They will not, by themselves, stop you developing painful and debilitating diabetic complications.