There are hundreds of diabetic supplements and some of them actually help to lower your blood sugar. But, at the end of the day, you’re still diabetic. WHY? Because there is more to defeating and reversing your diabetes than just lowering your blood sugar.

there is more to defeating and reversing your diabetes than just lowering your blood sugar.It’s useless like using an umbrella inside your house, when the roof leaks, instead of fixing the roof.

Instead of just lowering your blood sugar, if any Ayurvedic supplements will help you to eliminate the root cause of diabetes, like by fixing the roof rather than being an umbrella, then they can be very beneficial.

Studies have shown that stress not only results from, but may help cause or worsen diabetes: Chronic elevated stress has been shown to elevate blood glucose levels and has been implicated in insulin resistance, a chief characteristic of Type 2 diabetes. 

If any Ayurvedic supplements are beneficial in alleviating stress and fatigue, then they can be used.

We have developed Ayurvedic capsules which will help you to remove the root cause of Type 2 Diabetes and restore health. Most people who started taking them say they feel happier, calmer and more energetic and sleep well. 

They will not lower your blood sugar and will not cure anything but will assist on raising the body’s adaptive energy level.

A good digestive system is the key to a long and disease-free life. Our Ayurvedic supplements will help balance your cravings and appetite, provide support for balanced digestion, assimilation and elimination. And because you’ll be digesting your food, not just ingesting it, these herbs support a renewed sense of vitality.

They are designed to help support the body’s natural functioning and enhance your journey to healing.

The core principle of being healthy is gently and gradually restoring balance by moving the body and mind into harmony with Nature’s laws and rhythms. Do not be surprised if after taking these Ayurvedic capsules, you will find peace of mind, and return to peace, harmony and joy.


Don’t mistake these supplements for medications that you will need to be on for life. They are to be used for a specific period at specific doses to help support you on the journey of becoming non-diabetic.

These are not drugs that can lower your blood sugar in an hour, but contain natural herbal extracts, which will help gradually regulate your WHOLE BODY sugar levels naturally. It isn’t an overnight process, but 4-6 months will be enough time for you to know and realize optimal benefits, which can be measured by blood tests.

They may not add YEARS TO YOUR LIFE, but will surely add LIFE TO YOUR  YEARS.

Imagine waking up each morning and feeling like you’re 25 years old again. Imagine, slowing down the ageing process and having the cognition, esthetics and mobility at 75 years old, that you had at 35!

How would that change your life? Your plans? How much impact you could create in the world?

If, after taking the morning capsules, you feel energetic and can EASILY go without any food for MORE THAN 6 HOURS FOR 45 CONSECUTIVE DAYS, then it is a sign that your diabetes is reversed.

Congratulation! You no longer need to take our supplements. Please maintain your current healthy lifestyle which you have developed.

Will you continue to use crutches after your broken ankle is healed? 

Will you continue to use crutches after your broken ankle is healed

Caution! If you revert to your previous lifestyle, then you will have to use the crutches again.